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Stop The Encroachment Onto Aldridge Greenbelt

Planning application 16/1153 relating to 135 Erdington Road was granted planning permission in October 2017. The southern boundary of the site adjoins council owned farm land located within the Green Belt.  A condition of approval was the retention of the mature hedge.  This was removed illegally during development of the site in early 2020 and, despite assurances from the council, has not been replaced. Fencing belonging to the farm has also been removed as the development encroached a further 3 metres onto the Green Belt. The site also holds five TPO trees, one being a 300 year old veteran oak. A subsequent application has now been submitted (number 20/0600) which reduces the number of dwellings from 4 to 3 but doubles the developed footprint.  If approved, this would require encroachment onto the Green Belt in order for them to be built which clearly demonstrates that the site would be overdeveloped.


As such, we the undersigned request Walsall Council to take the following action in respect of planning applications at 135 Erdington Road, Aldridge:

  • enforce the breach of planning consent for the illegal removal of the hedgerow.
  • enforce the replanting of a suitable hedgerow of sufficient maturity on the site of the original southern boundary prior to any development; and
  • stop the encroachment on to the green belt.


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Monday, 14 September 2020
Monday, 2 November 2020
Protect Aldridge Greenbelt & Action Against Planning
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