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Save Aldridge Trees

We, the undersigned, support the retention and confirmation of the Tree Protection Order 05/2017 placed on the five trees at 135 Erdington Road, Aldridge.

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Monday, 18 September 2017
Sunday, 15 October 2017
Amanda Ryder
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Rebecca Akers
Katie Allen
Jean Allison
Susan Arnold
Mandy Arthur
Sophie Ash
Cloe Astbury
Julie AStbury
ann astburypemberton
Tim Atherton
This petition has been reviewed and the following response has been offered:
The matters raised in the petition, notably the proximity of the development to the green belt, its visual impact, highway safety and impact on ecology and trees, were taken into account as part of the assessment of the planning application for the redevelopment of the site through Planning Application 16/1152. As of this week the Tree Preservation Order (TPO) that was initially placed on the trees as a temporary order has now been confirmed to secure the future of the key trees on site to protect them against potential felling in the future. With regard to the matter of veteran trees, the Council continues to review the stock of trees within the Borough and, where appropriate, specimen trees including those identified as veterans will be considered for protection through a TPO, taking into account their health, location and benefit to the wider community.
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