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Save Remembrance Sunday Parades in Walsall
Petition has closed and a council responder is preparing a response.

 Re-look at the funding for Remembrance Sunday parades to secure them for future years within the Borough of Walsall.

To set up a committee with the Council and local communities to oversee all aspects of parades to ensure the future of these parades.

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Thursday, 12 January 2017
Tuesday, 31 January 2017
Tam Miller
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Leonard Ell
Gerard Small
Nicola Adams
Kelly Adams
Christine Adamson
William Adamson
Dean Akers
Rebecca Akers
Philip Aldridge
Brad Allen
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01/02/2017 00:02(System Event)Petition Closed (responder emailed requesting response)Response Pending
31/01/2017 17:52Unregistered UserPetition Signed: Polly SmithPetition Active
31/01/2017 12:43Unregistered UserPetition Signed: Gemma Middleton Petition Active
30/01/2017 22:59Unregistered UserPetition Signed: Bronwyn LewisPetition Active
30/01/2017 22:27Unregistered UserPetition Signed: Jamie SmallmanPetition Active
30/01/2017 22:12Unregistered UserPetition Signed: Joshua ShawPetition Active
30/01/2017 21:53Unregistered UserPetition Signed: Jordan RussonPetition Active
30/01/2017 21:51Unregistered UserPetition Signed: Nick CaswellPetition Active
30/01/2017 21:49Unregistered UserPetition Signed: Julie IvoryPetition Active
30/01/2017 21:35Unregistered UserPetition Signed: Lee RedgravePetition Active

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