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    Paula Furnival

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    Paula  Furnival
    First Elected
    Council House
    WS1 1TW
    Telephone No:
    01922 654710
    Job Title:

    Election History

    There are no election records for this member.

    Party Representation History

    There are no party records for this member.

    Ward Representation History

    There are no ward records for this member.

    Current Committee Memberships

    Committee - Date JoinedRole
    There are no current committees for this member.

    Past Committee Memberships

    Past Committee - Date JoinedPast RolePast Leaving Date
    Health and Wellbeing Board - 20 May 2019 Executive Director, Adult Social Care08 May 2020
    Health and Wellbeing Board - 21 May 2018 Executive Director, Adult Social Care19 May 2019
    Health and Wellbeing Board - 22 May 2017 Executive Director, Adult Social Care20 May 2018
    Health and Wellbeing Board - 23 May 2016 Executive Director, Adult Social Care21 May 2017
    Health and Wellbeing Board - 25 April 2016 Executive Director, Adult Social Care22 May 2016

    Current Outside Body Appointments

    Outside BodyJoining Date
    There are no current outside bodies for this member.

    Past Outside Body Appointments

    Past Outside BodyPast Joining DatePast Leaving Date
    There are no past outside bodies for this member.

    Personal Register of Interests

    Date of NoticeReceipt by Monitoring OfficerView
    There are no register of interest records for this member.

    Meeting Declarations

    Committee NameMeeting DateNatureView
    There are no meeting declarations for this member.
    There are no training records for this member.
    There are no hospitality and gift records for this member.

    Member Attendance

    Attendance Summary

    Expected attendances0 
    Present as expected00%
    Apologies received00% of absences
    In attendance (as a visitor)0 

    Attendance Details

    Meeting DateCommitteeAttendance
    There are no attendance records for this member in the selected date range.